What is the importance of working with designers local to the interior theme?

Often times, when a project’s interior is meant to evoke a specific culture, it’s always more fruitful to bring in consultants or designers from those particular regions in the world.

An example of the success that can derive from such global collaborations is the new Chinese restaurant in Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort called Yuan. By bringing in Hong Kong-based design fi rm Steve Leung Designers, Yuan was given a fantastic concept centred on the traditional Chinese courtyard referred to as Siheyuan.

The interior not only has a thorough concept, which could be revisited and modernised, but it also boasts a number of materials, patterns and textures that come together in a brilliantly seamless way to truly bring out an authentic Chinese ambience.

Often times, when restaurants hope to create an interior space that evokes the feelings and sense of an iconic culture, it can end up looking cartoonish and cheap. Hence, bringing in designers that hail from the culture you look to imitate can help create an authentic atmosphere.

They not only have an innate understanding of the aesthetic you’re trying to create, but they’re able to bring
it together using cultural and historical references for concepts, materials and artwork that you’re likely to be unaware of.

The result of referring to genuine sources is not only likely to reap the desired results, but such collaborative efforts also add an element of credibility to the space and the overall interior scheme.