Human Scale

For a long time we’ve made architecture for architects.

You should be owner of your own building, and when you live in an apartment you should feel as if you came into your own habitat.

Since the World Trade Centre was demolished new high-rise buildings construction methods have changed. In some of these new towers if you fly a plane into them they remain stable.

I always wanted to work in the Middle East. I had connections before the crisis, and it was looking like I would, but after the crisis things slowed down.

The only problem is time, because you have to be there. It’s very much a place where you have to show your face in order to do work. You also have to be connected to the place.

I don’t think there will be a big difference working there. The world is becoming more and more global and the problems with moving across different markets are becoming less and less.

We’re doing a project at the moment on London Embankment. It’s both architectural and planning and it’s nice to get into the European language in terms of design.

The Moscow Federation Tower is a great project. If it gets built it could be a major step for me. If nothing else because it was a great chance to come back to the Russian market.

We have lost our love of the detail. We think of everything in big forms and big plans and designs, but we don’t think any more about the human scale.

We need to come back to the small elements, where your touch and your feelings are the same as they were 200 years ago.