Five minutes with Cem Kapancioglu, CK Architecture

0.00 What is your speciality in the world of design?
We have undertaken many projects but at the moment we are very interested in healthcare interiors – how they can best be designed to make the right environment for the entire healing process. This can be vital, both during the time treatment is taking place and the time for recovery after surgery.

0.10 How much control do you have over what initial designs you put forward and how strict is the planning process?
There are rules and regulations in place – for instance some facilities need to be more than 12m2 in area so of course that is the first thing that has to be taken into account. But when this sort of aspect is successfully worked through the rest of the design is in your creative hands and you can allow your vision to go ahead..

2.10 What makes for a successful interior in a healthcare facility?
My main thought is – what can I do to ease the healing process and how will my designs impact on those who are feeling in a vulnerable state of mind. Colour is extremely important in all aspects of this. Psychologists have discovered that green is an extremely calming colour and is also very stress relieving.

3.35 What else can be used to ease the state of mind of patients?
It is important to provide something to look at. Artwork is good to take the mind away from any forthcoming procedure. But it is best to ensure that anything represented will have a calming effect on the person who may be in a vulnerable state of mind. There is also the increasingly popular option of putting television screens in a room. These can help to provide the visual stimulus will distract them and also enhance the time waiting for their appointment.

4.10 Do you have any current projects underway?
Yes, there is one which will have many aspects of healthcare as we can possibly design, all under one roof – a fertility clinic, dentist surgery, eye treatment facilities and advice on weight loss will all be available in close proximity to help the patient with all their needs.