At Our Advantage

Expo 2020 is bound to affect and even change the many dynamics in Dubai, from construction to business, design and architecture. The exhibition, which has been around for well over a century is known for creating beautiful and memorable landmarks around the world. From Paris to Chicago to Shanghai, the possibilities of what it could mean for Dubai are endless.

An influx of visitors will also mean an influx of creative minds that will surely bring with them fresh ideas and new approaches. HOK’s masterplan for the Expo 2020’s site symbolises the revived energy the city has and will likely be maintained over the next few years.

Planned for southwest Dubai near Al Maktoum Airport and the Jebel Ali Port, the Expo 2020 site will consist of a centre whose arms extend outward in three different directions. The design is futuristic, sleek and contemporary.

Due to its location, we expect to see a lot of new projects pop up in the Jebel Ali area. With the expected increase in tourism, 250 new hotels will need to be built and with that comes the exhilarating potential of striking new designs and architectural triumphs.

While Dubai’s known landmark is the Burj Khalifa, we wonder if something will rival the sky-piercing tower in its height, slender imposition and popularity. The mere fact that it’s not an impossibility, keeps us in anticipation to see what the ‘next big thing’ will be.

This is a wonderful time for architects and designers alike. While many industries are experiencing a boom, the emirate’s hospitality sector’s increased activity will undoubtedly rub off on the interior design sector, and with that, will come plenty of opportunities for the region. Many designers and architects in the region will have their hands full creating Dubai’s future.