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ARACO’s Saed Estaitia discusses the importance of architecture consultancy

Building an efficient system, process, product or service requires expertise to ensure that all components function smoothly, so that productivity is emphasised and wastage or downtime is reduced or eliminated. Ultimately, the end goal of developing and maintaining efficiency is increasing profitability. This is true across many industries, and architecture is no exception.

Consultancy services in architecture help in understanding and determining project feasibility through to project delivery. Many projects are just not suitable either in scale, design or in applicability to Middle East climates, so by adjudging the feasibility of a project before its inception and for its purpose and its location, there will be a clear path to the project’s completion.

Another key area for consultancy is in the ongoing supervision of buildings under construction. Ensuring a project remains on track is difficult, but it is extremely important for both the developers and other stakeholders’ as delays in projects cause severe monetary losses.

To ensure a project is completed on time, proper planning is necessary, as is communication with the stakeholders in order to build realistic deadlines. Further, when planning, it is also important to pre-empt delays either due to material sourcing, labour or other required resources.

Much of the consultancy done in architecture also surrounds the applicability of materials in the Middle East. It is necessary to inform clients of the appropriateness of the materials used for both the structural integrity of the building and for savings in operating costs, such as energy and maintenance. In this regard, smart and intelligent systems are a hot topic and nearly everyone wants to include a feature or two in their new projects.

In general, the consultancy services provided by an architectural firm can introduce and familiarise the peculiarities of an unknown environment to a new player in the market, and help seasoned operators in adopting and assessing the practicality of new trends, staying on schedule for project completion, and in preventing wastage of funds, time and effort.

Client loyalty is no longer only related to the fast-moving goods industry, it is considered part of the architecture consultancy firm’s success, however, this cannot be achieved unless the client is provided with the key deliverables of efficiency, functionality and profitability.

Arch. Saed Estaitia is head of design at Abdul Rahim Engineering Consultants – ARACO