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“Comfy” is a difficult word to define. Object-wise, it’s not much of an issue. A comfy chair is the one you’re comfortable sitting in. A comfortable bed is pleasant to be in. But what can we say about a comfy home? When and how does it become comfy?

Finding one-size-fits-all comfy home is impossible as the quality of comfy-ness is subjective to the extreme. What is comfy for one person could be cold and detached to another. However, there are some common elements upon which most people would agree form a home that is guaranteed to be pleasant to live in.


The Elements of Comfy

 First of all, there are materials to be used. Wood is almost always a must. Floor boards, wooden furniture, a large, washed kitchen table, these are all things that give that sort of special quaint quality. Imagine a typical scene of someone sitting in front of a fireplace during a cold winter’s day. Then try to notice just how much ‘wood’ there is in that picture. You’d be surprised.

 Then, there are shapes. Most comfy zones lack sharp angles. Right angles are okay if called for (like bookshelves), but curved lines or other organic-looking shapes tend make one’s home seem more in tune with nature and separated from the technological noise of today.

 Colors are a different matter. There is no hard and fast rules. Natural colors work the best, of course, but that doesn’t mean the story ends there. While something may be artificially colored, the color must be abundant in nature – greens, blues, browns, yellows. Avoid purples and especially fluorescent colors.

 Lightning is easy to resolve. Always opt for good, old, standard yellow lightbulb. White light is associated with underground train stations, sterile surgeries or even mortuaries. In our mind, the light that we thrive on is sunlight, which is far from bleached white. Get rid of those “energy saving bulbs” (they may save energy but are little noxious containers – they do environment more damage than good) and opt for traditional approach.


Odds and Ends  

 Feeling snuggled in is an important part of being comfy, which means – using lots of fabric. Drapes, soft sofas, lots of pillows, tasteful tablecloths, these are all things that can help add more ‘soft’ among the firm walls. Patchwork quilts also work great.

 Technology, while being a great asset in our modern life, tends to de-comfy our living space. Places we find comfy tend to have objects that we associate with ages past – candles, horseshoes, framed embroidery, wrought iron pots and pans… All these objects will help you go back in time and flee the noise and fast pace of today.

 So there you have it. Truth be told, it doesn’t take as a whole lot to feel secure, comfy and happy. And sometimes, luck can be waiting just around the corner – check it out here! We could all relieve ourselves of stress a little bit, and every little bit helps. Finding your comfy zone is one of the best ways to do it.