Tadao Ando’s green wall of hope accused of copyright violation

Winner of the 2013 Pritzker Prize, Japanese architect Tadao Ando is being accused of violating copyright laws due to his plans for a monumental green “wall of hope” along the Shin Umeda city complex.

Proposed to run along the landscape grounds of the complex, the project sheds light on ideas about creative identity and conceptual limits of copyrights as the complex’s landscape designer, Osaka legend Motoo Yoshimura filed a petition to suspend construction of Ando’s wall.

The Umeda Sky building is a combination of imposing landscape and an artful blended mirror of the sky. The architecture acts as joinery between the firmament and the earth, while the ground- level garden is a microcosm of the forest and water cycle.

The main argument against Ando’s proposal sites that the 78m long structure would change the identity of the original landscape architecture and is therefore a violation of copyright law.

If the project goes ahead, the wall of hope will be completed by the end of September, featuring a stainless steel net with lines of greenery and 900 plants.