Robert Welch re-issues iconic Campden toast rack to mark the design’s 60th anniversary

In celebration of its design legacy and British heritage, Robert Welch Designs has reproduced the iconic Campden toast rack – originally designed by Robert Welch for Old Hall in 1956 – to mark the product’s 60th anniversary.

Made by craftsmen in Sheffield using local stainless steel, the re-issued toast rack is numbered and produced as a limited edition, completed with a replicate of its original packaging.

Robert Welch played an important role in revolutionising the materials and manufacture of the 1950s. He was the pioneer of stainless steel in everyday objects, and his innovative use of the material for theCampden toast rack helped establish Old Hall as a modern and leading brand of hollowware goods.

The Campden toast rack was Robert’s very first award-winning product, and has the enduring qualities of a contemporary and functional design. The Campden range was an early success because, rather than designing silverware made in stainless steel, Robert Welch had the ingenuity to create objects which appeared as they were – an approach that was seen as new and modern for that era.

Despite being part of the all-encompassing Campden collection, the toast rack found its real success as a stand-alone design. The prototype was exhibited at Robert’s first solo exhibition held at Foyle’s Art Gallery in 1956, along with his other early designs for Old Hall, as well as student pieces and large silver commissions.