Grimshaw Architects wins proposal for new Turkish museum

Vehbi Koç Foundation has selected Grimshaw Architects from more than 20 international firms to design Istanbul’s new contemporary art museum in Istanbul, the Koç Contemporary.

The project, scheduled to be accessible to the public in 2016, is designed to reflect the foundation’s desire to showcase the growing art collection in Koç to its audience while providing an ideal setting in which to conserve, preserve and restore the foundation’s growing collection of diverse art piece from media installations, paper works, paintings, performance art and video.

Detailing on the win, Kirsten Lees, Partner in Charge of the design, said: “‘Koç Contemporary is a hugely exciting and ambitious project that will have a significant impact not only on the role of contemporary art in Istanbul, to educate and exchange ideas, but on the regeneration of a rich and diverse area of the city. The inter-relationship between architecture, place and the collections informed our proposals to enrich the visitor experience.”