Zaha Hadid Architects builds new structure for AUB campus


Zaha Hadid Architects builds new structure for Lebanon’s AUB campus

While construction began in 2006, a new facilities centre by Zaha Hadid Architects appears to have suddenly emerged on the American University of Beirut’s campus in Lebanon.

Built for the Issam Fares Institute, the 5,500m2 structure will serve as a nexus for academic studies, research and policy making.

Typical of Zaha Hadid Architects, the building emerges fluidly from its surroundings, and maximises the use of a constricted space.

Open and spacious, the new building appears to be growing upwards. It also boasts a ramp and staircase on one side, which offer a new outdoor space for AUB students to gather.

The completion date is yet to be confirmed.


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