Zaal signs for Chelsea

Emirati landscape designer Kamelia Zaal is set to showcase her work at next year’s UK Chelsea Flower Show, the world’s largest celebration of floral art.

Zaal is responsible for the gardens and watercourses of Al Barari, a neighbourhood just outside the city of Dubai which emphasises sustainability and the use of natural vegetation for cooling.

“I am so proud and honoured to exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show,” says Kamelia Zaal. “The theme of my garden is The Beauty of Islam. I am continuously inspired by our heritage and wanted to creatively translate my interpretation of our peaceful religion into a beautiful garden design.

“Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to shine a positive light on Arab culture and Islam. Traditional Islamic gardens were a representation of the relationship between humankind and the earth, not only through the gardens productivity, but also through the use of the senses and in its beauty. Creating space of multiple uses but yet still a place of calm and reflection.”

The garden Zaal will create for the London event is based on a traditional Islamic pattern. It uses both modern and classic materials originating from countries touched by Arab culture and Islam.

She has also incorporated poetry into the design through the use of “The Flock of Meanings” poem by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum written for HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which will be engraved into stone as part of the project.