World’s tallest residential tower is 70% complete

Construction on the world’s tallest residential tower, World One in India, is now progressing at a rapid pace, with 70% of the superstructure completed.

When it is completed in 2016, World One Tower will reach 442m over the city, making it the world’s tallest residential skyscraper.

Ani Ray, managing director of ACC (UAE-based Arabian Construction Company), told Construction Week: “We expect the World One superstructure to be completed by Q1 2016. We also plan to start on the second transfer slab shortly.”

Company sources also said that construction at the tower has reached the 83rd floor.

The interiors are designed by Giorgio Armani. As well as the swimming pool, gym and health club that come as standard with most luxury apartment blocks, it also boasts cricket pitches and a pavilion.

The 117-storey tower has been built by developer Lodha at a cost of more than $321m and will have more than 300 luxury apartments, some overlooking the Arabian Sea.

But ACC has faced quite a lot of challenges during the ongoing construction. Ray explained: “Although we follow the same construction methodology in India as we do in the Gulf, the regulations and logistics are completely different in India. This means we have a set of different challenges to those we deal with in the Middle East.”

He added, “Regulatory approval for developers in India often takes a long time and comes in different stages, so this generates complications and delays which we have to overcome. Also, unlike the Gulf where our workforce work directly for ACC, due to different labour laws workmen are engaged on a third-party basis. This means our workmen are changed frequently, denying us the benefit of learning curves.

The company is currently working on various other projects in the Gulf and India. “In the Gulf, we are currently working on two super-tall projects in Downtown Dubai for Emaar. Fountain Views is a three-tower residential and hotel complex of 65 storey. Sky Views is a two-tower residential and hotel complex, with the tallest tower being 61 storeys,” Ray concluded.