China houses world’s largest building

The world’s largest building, measuring  500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high, has been constructed in China. The Century Global Centre in Chengdu is reportedly capable of containing 20 Sydney Opera Houses inside its 1.7 million square meter interior.

The centre’s most unique attraction–apart from an array of high-end shopping outlets, cinemas, office space, conference centres, two five star hotels, a university complex and a replica Mediterranean village – is a massive artificial beach that is illuminated by a giant screen which mirrors the horizon and offers sunrises, sunsets and nautical breezes. Though the nearest real beach is 1000km away, visitors are accommodated with an oceanfront view catered solely for them.

“This is an ocean city built by man,” said guide Liu Xun. “There will be 1000 rooms (in the hotels) and all will have seaside views.”