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Zaha Hadid Architects hotel in Macau features “world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton”

Zaha Hadid Architects has completed the design for the new Morpheus hotel in Macau, featuring a tentacle-like geometric facade and three voids carved into the centre of the structure.

Photography by Ivan Dupont.

According to the architects, the fluid forms of the building is inspired by China’s rich traditions of jade carving.

Photography by Ivan Dupont.

Photography by Virgile Simon Bertrand.

The hotel was first commissioned to ZHA in 2012, where the foundation was already set to accommodate a condominium tower. The architects built a 40 storey building, which comprises of two towers that are connected on podium and roof levels where many of the guest amenities are located, and separate in the middle where the three voids have been carved.

Photography by Virgile Simon Bertrand.

Between the connected levels is a central atrium which runs the height of the hotel, with the voids connecting the north and south facades, creating “urban windows” that link the interior spaces with the view of the city.

The three horizontal vortices that generate the voids also define the dramatic internal spaces of the hotel, creating corner suites with views of the atrium as well as the city, as well as maximising the number of hotel rooms with external views.

A series of bridges are created in-between the free-form voids, housing restaurants, bars, and guest lounges.

The architects described the building as having the “world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton”, optimising the interior spaces in a way where the absence of supporting walls or columns create interrupted spaces.

“Morpheus combines its optimal arrangement with structural integrity and sculptural form,” said Viviana Muscettola, project director at ZHA. “The design is intriguing as it makes no reference to traditional architectural typologies”.

She added that typically buildings across Macau reference architecture styles from around the world, however “Morpheus has evolved from its unique environment and site conditions as a new architecture expressly of this city.”

ZHA has also used high performance glazing to minimise solar gain, in addition to the exoskeleton that acts as screen protecting from the sun.

The hotel is part of the City of Dreams resort located in Cotai, Macau- with the new hotel building linked at ground level with the surrounding three-storey podium of the resort.

Morpheus includes 770 guest rooms, suites and sky villas, as well as civic spaces, meeting and event facilities, gaming rooms, a lobby atrium, restaurants, spa, and a roof-top pool.