Work underway for David Chipperfield-designed museum next to Taj Mahal

British architect David Chipperfield has unveiled his design for a museum located in Agra, India which is currently under construction next to the world renown Taj Mahal.

The Mughal Museum is scheduled to open next year and is one of the four new tourist attractions being built in the city.

According to Chipperfield’s firm, the museum is set to accommodate 5,200m2 of permanent and temporary exhibition spaces dedicated to the history and culture of the Mughals dynasty that ruled over northern India for over three centuries.

Exhibitions will include Mughal-era artifacts, weaponry, armour, costumes as well as currency.

It will occupy a 2.5 hectare site, approximately 1,300m awat from the Taj Mahal – a white marble mausoleum commissioned by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to hold the tomb of his favourite wife.

The new museum will be located near the eastern gate and will be accompanied by the Agra Heritage Centre, Taj Orientation Centre and Street Cafeteria.

David Chipperfield is also set to design a photography museum in Morocco.

He was also included in designMENA’s list of the top 5 most angry architects in 2015.