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Women architects have to work harder to prove themselves, says Ana d’Castro

Portuguese-born architect Ana d’Castro, founder of BIA Design, talks to designMENA about women’s role in architecture and design, adding that women in the field have to work and fight harder to prove themselves.

“Generally, the world sees architecture as a man’s job and tends to attribute interior design and decoration to women. In the 21st century, I believe that all of us should have the right to pursue whatever profession we want without any assumptions,” she says.

“It’s frustrating, to say the least, that quite frequently men simply don’t take women architects seriously.

She adds: “Quite often, we have to ‘swallow’ those indirect looks and prove that despite gender, age or even looks, women can have a point and offer good solutions. On the other hand, many great men recognise that you are a strong and hard working woman and they support you in your professional path, which is very gratifying.”

D’castro has worked across multiple disciplines, including street art installations, painting, interior design and architecture and has been working in Dubai for the past three years, starting out in developer firm Meraas.

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