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‘We should all be proud that we’re in the most cutting-edge part of the world,’ says VX Studio's Tobias Honey

At a roundtable discussion in Dubai held by Middle East Architect to discuss waterfront developments in the UAE, Tobias Honey, senior design manager at VX Studio, said architects should be proud to be in the “most cutting-edge part of the world”.

“We should all be very proud to live in one of the most progressive waterfront communities,” he added. “We’ve got everything from the natural coastline to the Marina, to the Crystal Lakes that’ll be here soon. We’ve got the creak, the Palm islands, and they’re all setting the benchmark for the other GCC countries.”

According to Honey, Dubai and it’s fellow emirates have set a standard for the region, with neighbouring countries looking to emulate the development.

“When I travel, I see how other places have failed big time, like the Jersey side of the Hudson River. They have views of the most unbelievable skyline and there’s no F&B. I thought, if this was Dubai, they’d have 50 restaurants, they’d reclaim the land and everything would be packed with people. With all the offers we have here, it’s great to be an architect.”

Honey’s comments were part of a larger discussion about waterfront development in the region. Other architects that attended the roundtable included Phillip Jones of B+H, Andre Meyerhans of Fischer & Meyerhans Architects, Ihab Nayal of La Casa, and Martin Dufresne of U+A.

A full analysis of the roundtable will be features in MEA’s upcoming October issue.