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‘We need to focus on food security in the UAE’ says architect Fahed Majeed

Dubai-based Indian architect Fahed Majeed said that the Middle East, and particularly the UAE, needs to focus on food security and incorporate it into architectural solutions.

“In the Middle East, we have massive spaces where certain areas could be, and should be, dedicated to food security,” he said. “Here in the UAE, we don’t need to be dependent on other regions or other countries. There’s a certain amount of sustenance that we need to be self reliant on.”

Majeed found his architecture firm Fahed Architects in 2005, and has offices in Dubai, India and Bali. While sustainability and local material sourcing are large focuses for his practice, the architect is largely dedicated to food security and hydroponic research.

“We’re pushing this agenda through via client education, but unfortunately there’s no policy that necessitates action. So if the client is informed, then there’s a possibility for action,” Majeed said. “For example, one of our projects, Sky Pa Sand, has a vertical garden that can produce vegetables. Even if it’s just lettuce, it’s one step forward.”

Fahed Architects are currently working on the launch of the Abwab Pavilion for Dubai Design Week, for which they’ve partnered with Bee’ah to source recycled material.

The full story will be in Middle East Architect’s October issue.