Wavy walls provide privacy for Moroccan home by architect Mohamed Amine Siana

Urban designer Mohamed Amine Siana has completed a project called Villa Z  in the Moroccan city Casablanca, which is intended to be a contemporary update of the local Modernist architecture.

“The client wanted to have an open feeling in a house that is protected from the sights of neighbourhood,” Siana said. “So it was a challenge between the client’s need for privacy and my belief in  open and light architecture.”

In order for privacy to be maximised the elevations that are visible from the street are formed almost entirely of opaque surfaces. These curve inwards to form a series of openings containing concealed doors and windows.

The house’s general volume was actually derived from a cube, but dissolves into planar surfaces around the edges.

“My principal intention was to go out from the cube perception to answer the client’s programme and routine, and to find the best way to preserve privacy and protect the project from the noise of the prominent front avenue,” Siana said.