Virtual time travel a real possibility says designer

3D mapping of the built environment could one day allow a virtual-reality form of time travel according to designer Keiichi Matsuda

 Once digital mapping services such as Google Street View have become sophisticated enough, he said, the ability to “jump to any single point in history since it was being recorded,” would exists.

 “If you take [Google Street View] to its logical conclusion it means that everything is live video,” Matsuda explained.

 “You’d have a live map of the world, essentially. If [the world] was all being recorded, you could stop time and you could rewind time as well.”

 Virtual reality headsets could make the experience much more real than simply watching something on a screen.

 London-based Matsuda originally studied architecture, but now works in a variety of media to explore how new technologies affect our daily lives. His Critical Design studio fuses architecture, media and technology.

 “Whenever a new technology comes out, I instantly start to think where that could lead to,” he explained. “You take it to its logical conclusion.”