Video: Inside the first prototype of a Dubai hyperloop passenger pod

Harj Dhaliwal, managing director for the Middle East and India at Hyperloop One told Construction Week: “What we are trying to do is really give an immersive experience to the public, for the first time ever in the world, of what hyperloop vehicles could feel like, what it would be like to sit in them and travel in them”.
According to Dhaliwal, the unveiled prototype was of a “Dubai pod”, featuring a first- and gold-class cabin.

“You can see straight away that there’s a lot of room here,” he noted. “We’re trying to create a very open atmosphere. We don’t want to have [the kind of] crowding that you’re used to.

“The passenger experience is so important. When you get into a hyperloop system, [we don’t want you to] feel as if you’re in just any other mass transit system, because you are not.”

Hyperloop technology will “reinvent the travel experience”, he added: “From the time you leave your front door to the time you reach your destination, you will know that you are on a hyperloop transport system.”