Video: How will interior designers shape the schools of the future?

Commercial Interior Design hosted a roundtable, featuring some of the region’s leading architects and interior designers, Pallavi Dean of Pallavi Dean Interiors, Eileen Jaffary of U+A, Ralf Steinhauer from RSP, Jason Burnside from GAJ to discuss the latest developments in education design.

Here the panel discusses how will further integration of technology in the classrooms and other curriculum innovations transform the way we think about education design and how do you envision the schools of tomorrow.

“What we will see in the future is a blend of educational spaces with a lot of other offerings,” says Steinhauer.

Dean adds that there will be a major focus on wellness and mindful practice. She says: “I think that the schools of the future will be more about learning by diffusion and combining different year groups in the same space.”

Schools will no longer be confined by four walls, according to Jaffary. “The general understanding about learning happening just within the four walls will change into much more flexible, open and informal teaching.”

Creating stimulating environments for students learning for the professions that haven’t been even created yet will further influence the design process. As Burnside explains students will not go to school “to be bored, but to discover”.

Read the full article in the upcoming November issue of Commercial Interior Design.