Video: How will Dubai’s rotating skyscraper work?

The following video outlines the theory behind Dynamic Tower, a rotating skyscraper that Dynamic Architecture has proposed for Dubai.

The structure would feature a series of apartments that could be programmed by their occupants to rotate independently of one another.

Wind turbines would also be installed between apartments to provide energy for the building.

Speaking to Discovery Science, David Fisher, founder and chairman of Dynamic Architecture, said: “Dynamic Tower is the first building designed in four dimensions. In other words, [it is] the first building that continues to change shape; it never looks the same.

“I call this building: designed by life, shaped by time.”

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Each of the building’s apartments rotates 360°, and movement can be programmed in line with the wishes of the homeowners.

The apartments, which will cost as much as $30m (AED110.2m) each, will be accessible via an elevator in the building’s stationary core.

Dynamic Tower would be constructed using prefabricated elements. Individual units would be built off site, complete with plumbing and electrical systems, and hung one by one from the structure’s central core.

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In turn, water pipes inside the core would connect to pipes in the rotating apartments through detachable valves.

“I think that this building will make people think that everything is possible in life,” Fisher emphasised. “Whoever had doubts, has no doubts now.”