Vida Downtown Dubai unveils art installation ‘Nature’s Creations Reimagined’

Vida Downtown Dubai continues its ‘Art in Vida’ initiative promoting regional creativity with the unveiling of its latest artistic collaboration, ‘Nature’s Creations Reimagined,’ an installation curated by Cities Boutique.

The innovative display is featured in the lobby of the hotel until the end of September, providing an interactive experience for hotel guests.

The installation features the brightly colourful and dramatically bold Bull & Stein ceramic fruit sculptures coupled with fresh flowers, all envisioned by the team of Cities Boutique.

The contemporary energy of the design pieces complements the décor of the boutique hotel and sheds light on the continued support that Vida Downtown Dubai has given to the creative community in the UAE since opening.

“Throughout history, man has transformed the gifts of nature and formed objects to reflect the story of his existence. Providing nourishment and energy, fruits are representative of the life that they give and our respect and love of nature. Lisa Pappon has designed an ongoing collection of ceramic fruits for Bull & Stein, which captures the vitality and beauty of these essential natural creations, which is why we incorporated freshly cut flowers into the Vida Downtown Dubai installation,” explains Hazem Aljesr, owner and founder of Cities Boutique.