UNStudio completes international airport in Georgia

Dutch architecture practice UNStudio has completed its work on the Kutaisi International Airport in Georgia.

“The design for the new airport embraces the traveler by embodying the circumstance of the site,” said principal architect and co-founder of UNStudio, Ben van Berkel. “Moments of both leaving and returning are celebrated by the large span, open spaces and high ceiling of the terminal structure- reflecting the ways in which such gestures were employed in the great railway stations of the past.”

Inside, the practice has installed a large structure covered in a web of wooden beams that descend from the ceiling, creating a hub around which passengers can circulate.

The structure’s centre features an exterior patio enclosed in glass, allowing continuous views across the space.

The building itself is wrapped in full- height glazing that creates a light- filled interiors with views of the Caucasus Mountains.

The practice also designed other buildings on site such as the meteorological station and the air traffic control tower on top of masterplanning the surrounding landscape.