The unobtrusive television

UAE: Physically blending into their surroundings, chameleons are known as masters of disguise – present but not readily seen. Similarly to the chameleon, the NEOD Mirror TV harmonises discreetly into interior environments.

Specifically designed for seamless, high-end spaces the NEOD Mirror TV also offers additional benefits. At the whim of its user, the TV goes unnoticed until needed, as it elegantly doubles as a mirror, artwork or glass backsplash. It can even be integrated into cabinetry doors.

It is referred to as a mirror TV because its glass monitor has a high degree of reflectivity when it is not turned on. In comparison to a regular mirror, the black reflecting glass option has 90% reflectivity. Lighter glass options, such as silver, yield less reflectivity. Although subtle, a slight visual difference between the periphery of the TV outline and edge of the reflective glass is noticeable when the TV is turned off.

Ideal for contemporary residential, commercial and nautical applications, the design series optimises flexibility of space without compromising the functionality of the product. Embracing minimalist design, NEOD attested: “Product simplification is one of the fundamental phases of the development process. For NEOD, simplifying means eliminating [the] superfluous in order to express what is necessary.”

The Home and Style collections are both designed to mount directly to the wall or on a free-standing table mount. The Style collection also integrates a TV in the centre of a full length sized mirror – perfect for a luxurious dressing area.

Interchangeable decorative wooden frames finish these collections in an array of attractive embossed leathers, foil wraps, metallic leaf, and even a tasteful sprinkling of Swarovski crystals. Custom finishes are available as well.

The Professional collection recesses a scant eight centimetre deep TV into a fitting and mounting box within the wall so the monitor is completely flush with the front surface. An etched glass panel utilising specially designed supports and neodynamic magnets provide a clean transition between the TV and wall surface, so there is no unsightly gap or bulky housing.

Splashback is an exciting collection which integrates the TV behind glass, allowing the technology to be a part of the overall space design without visual interruption. A TV seamlessly incorporated within a kitchen backsplash, bathroom or furniture cabinetry becomes a reality. Installation in wet areas is not a limitation for either the Splashback or Professional collections.

The screens protect the components against humidity, explains Thierry Loffreda, spokesperson and CEO of ASI Groupe in Dubai, which locally represents NEOD.

Splashback products are all custom-designed and fabricated in Italy by NEOD to fit the requirements of the project. Depending on the complexity of the design and glass size required, the factory works from a template or technical drawings provided by the designer.

NEOD TVs incorporate LCD high definition technology by luxury TV manufacturer Loewe. All NEOD collections are multi-standard, making them compatible worldwide. Loffreda explained that NEOD TVs now have interactive capabilities which allow the user to change channels and adjust volume levels by detecting the user’s hand movements.

Full-screen imagery as well as quality audio are also new improvements. High and low frequencies have been separated by tweeters in aluminum housing on the top of the TV, providing the appropriate amplitude for high
frequencies. Meanwhile, woofers are strategically incorporated on the inside of the case for a complete range of mid to low frequencies. NEOD TVs also receive digital radio programming, even when the TV is off.

Balancing clean aesthetics, quality materials and functionality, NEOD delivers innovative media solutions which complement the design of interior spaces.