UNESCO launches Bamiyan Cultural Centre design competition for Afghanistan

Funded by the Republic of Korea, UNESCO has partnered with the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture to build a Cultural Centre close to the boundaries of the Bamiyan World Heritage property.

UNESCO stated: “This new architectural programme can challenge cultural barriers, reaffirm Afghanistan’s remarkable ancient history and enforce culture as a foundational component to Afghan national identity and peace-building.”

The Bamiyan Cultural Centre is a one of a kind project since acquiring funding for cultural projects in conflict zones is difficult to obtain and is often considered an “unnecessary luxury”.

The project will be launched through a design competition that will allow contributions from all over to world to pay homage to Afghanistan’s heritage.

UNESCO has been given a site overlooking the Buddha Cliffs by thr Ministry of Information and Culture and the Bamiyan Municipality to support this project.

You can find out more about the design competition and how to participate here.