Unearthing talent

Delta Faucet discovers new talents by hosting student bathroom competition

UAE: With green design repeatedly on the radar, residential and commercial faucet company Delta Faucet brought together students from the American University of Dubai (AUD) to compete in designing sustainable bathrooms.

Organised in line with the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and in partnership with AUD and Alabbar Energy & Sustainability Group (AESG), the designs submitted had to coincide with specific criteria that concerned water conservation, energy efficiency, water quality, alignment with government regulations, and durability.

“The availability of clean water is likely to be a dominant challenge for future generations around the world,” said Scott Coombes, principal consultant and founder, AESG. “Even today, over 700 million people lack access to it on a daily basis. In contrast, the UAE has the highest use of water per person in the world.

“This competition [was] established to inspire young designers to develop innovative strategies to help manage the conservation of this valuable resource, a thought process we hope they can continue in their future careers.”

From the 22 students who participated, three were chosen for their distinct designs and strong commitment to the criteria.

The first place winner of the design challenge was Anne El Meri, a fourth-year student whose design echoed an eco-friendly public washroom that incorporates plants to recycle and restore water using the Reed Bed system.

“I enjoyed working on this challenge and have learnt that incorporating simple, yet effective design solutions into every day household products can have a lasting impact on the planet that we call home,” said El Meri. “I also believe that the use of modern technology for the betterment of the environment is essential in order to promote sustainable living for future generations.”

Mahy Hussein, the second runner up, called her project “Webbing into nature”, based on organic filtration that focused on the issue of water wastage in public washrooms.

Finally, the third prize winner was Erum Kamal, whose innovative project entitled “Sustainable Growth” gained widespread recognition for promoting a green approach to bathroom design.

Ross Jackson, general manager, Delta Faucet Company, Middle East commented on the award ceremony: “ The future of the planet lies in the hands of the next generation, and from the innovative design we were presented with today by students from AUD, I can safely say that it is in good hands.

“The design solutions that were produced to alleviate everyday challenges, such as high level of water use in the bathroom, were inspiring. Very soon these students will be entering the work place and influencing the industry, setting both tone and criteria for design in the region.”