Underground cultural centre designed by Turkish architects

Half of the Adana City Hall and Cultural Centre, proposed by Turkish architecture firm, MTF Proje, is constructed underground.

This design is possible due to the topography of the area, and was created because of the mass of the Cultural Centre.

The project is designed based on the surroundings of the building which is mostly occupied by green areas.

It also deals with sustainability and climate. Due to the heat in Adana Cukurova, natural air ventilation and natural light is used to reduce the need for excessive energy.

The green roof is another way the architects planned to reduce energy usage for cooler internal spaces.

It consists of a four-storey city hall, a culture centre able to accommodate nearly 50 people, a city library, a wedding venue, city information centre and ateliers.

The city hall, culture centre and presidential areas have different entrances where the meeting area of the city hall is separate from the main section of the building. Its wooden exterior divides it, making it appear different from other buildings on site.

An area is created between two residential sections designed to be the City Park. The building is placed on the side of the park to achieve undisturbed green land.