Twelve Architects to design Rostov airport for 2018 World Cup

London-based firm Twelve Architects & Masterplanners has won the competition to design a new airport for Rostov, Russia, in time for the 2018 World Cup.

Minister of Transport for Rostov, Jivan Vartanian, said the proposal was the “most memorable and unique” project out of the competing entries, adding that “the project may look too risky now but in the future it will become the most advanced.”

The airport is set to handle an initial demand of five million passengers a year, featuring offices, a hotel, a business centre and a buy viagra online safe high speed railway station.

According to the architects, the design is dominated by four arches that “was inspired by the idea of an airport as a bridge, connecting cities together and celebrates the principal routes for passengers when going through the arrival and departure process.”

The studio also added: “[The design] responds to local climate to create an environmentally sensitive solution that embraces passive design and renewable energies and responds to both the summer and winter climate.”

For video, click here: Airport in Rostov, Russia by Twelve Architects & Masterplanners