Tweeters applaud Dubai emergency services after Torch Tower blaze

Police and firefighters who came to the rescue of residents during the blaze which damaged Dubai’s Torch Tower have been warmly applauded across social media.

The fire made headlines across the world – including the UK’s Daily Mirror which claimed: “Towering inferno in Dubai looked like the Titanic going down”.

Online commentators praised the first responders’ swift action to bring the blaze under control.

On Twitter, @BinduRai wrote: “…And a big round of applause to #UAE’s finest @DCDDubai @DubaiPoliceHQ @DCAS_Ambulance #TorchTower”.

@Novliuba tweeted: “… was sad night! But #DubaiFirefighters did a great job!”

@Rasha_Alazawe posted: “Amazing job – fire on 60 floors in this bad weather, been put out in 1.5 hours!”

@maja_design commented: “Impressed by the evacuation plan and organization, after the fire at the #TorchTower thanks to the #dubaipolice #dubaifirefighters”.