Turkish firms flock to Cityscape

A total of 60 different companies from Turkey are represented at this year’s Cityscape Global, held in Dubai.

They include architects and developers as well as those involved in real estate with the development of a new financial centre in Istanbul among the projects highlighted.

The project by Agaoglu and HOK consists of seven towers, six housing offices which will be home to all the major banks in the country, while one will be residential.

“The design takes elements of traditional Ottoman styles with influences including Istanbul’s Grand Bazarr – the world’s first covered shopping area,” said Agaoglu architect Serap Irgin.

Architect Melkan Tabanlioglu (pictured) said: “We have been coming here for 12 years and at first there were no other Turkish companies. But in recent years the number has grown hugely. It is a chance to talk to people face-to-face and that is very important for an architect.

“We are creating our own dreams and realising the dreams of our clients. But in the end people are actually living or working in your dream creations so it is important to get everything right.

“Turkish people and Arabs come from similar cultures and they understand each other. Also, both value the importance of face-to-face meetings.”

Mesut Pektas is CEO of Zorlu Property Group and said the stablility Turkey is currently enjoying is a major factor in the influx of businesses to the show.

“Following a serious earthquake in 1999 Turkey started to build better as we all realised homes and business properties must be able to withstand tremors,” he said. “So our design and build ability went up

“As economic growth occurred in the early 2000s, so did the market – and even the global crash was not felt by us to the same degree as elsewhere. Now, the supply exceeds demand in the home market – so our businesses are looking to expand.”