Towering copper memorial honours Iranian philosopher

London studio Borheh has designed a copper-coated mausoleum erected in the English countryside to commemorate a revered Iranian philosopher.

Created to display eight intersecting arches give a towering symmetry to the structure, built in memory of Javad Nurbakhsh, a master within a branch of Islam knows as Sufism.

Chosen by Nurnakhsh himself, who spent the latter years of his life in England, the structure is located in a woodland area in Oxfordshire.

The copper-coated triangles of the structure are expected to change colour as they oxidise, allowing it to show its age through time.

“The mausoleum’s blend of striking design and organic materials presents a refreshingly modern take on mysticism without detracting from its timeless spiritual ideals,” said the architect in a statement.

The arched forms are a reference to motifs in Persian architecture. “The mausoleum combines traditional Persian architecture with contemporary materials local to Iran, resulting in a construction that reflects the Iranian heritage of Dr Nurbakhsh, while remaining in keeping with the English landscape,” said the architect.

Built as a series of modules, the architects used the techniques found within local artisans in Iran. They were then shipped to the UK and erected onsite.