Tower helps tourists view Roman remains

A metal tower designed by Austrian studio Marte.Marte is helping tourists to locate excavated Roman ruins.

Stefan Marte created the structure between the remains of two Roman villas, close to the town of Brederis in Austria.

Few traces of the original buildings remain, so the new installation provides the only landmark above ground level.

“The tower-like sculpture is designed to make the excavation site visible for miles around,” said Marte. “It acts like a magnifying glass, offering an insight into history.”

Made from Corten steel, the ten-metre tower has a glazed lower section that exposes a hollow centre, allowing visitors to look down to the underground remains.

A platform extends from one side of the structure to form a standing area, while displays of replicas of Roman objects are on the wall. Both were also constructed from pre-weathered steel sheets riveted together, giving the structure a rusty look.