Torch Tower owners praise Dubai rescue workers

Residents of the fire damaged Torch Tower in Dubai are now returning to their apartments following the blaze – but there is still no word on what caused it.

Owners Select Group praised the work of the emergency services in tackling the flames in one of the world’s tallest residential structures situated in Dubai Marina.

A statement said: “Over a thousand people were safely evacuated from the building while a strong sandstorm raged outside

“Although the incredibly strong winds fanned the fire, the building’s fire safety systems and evacuation protocols worked as planned. The fire was swiftly bought under control.

“Representatives of Select Group were present on site since news of the incident broke out in the early hours of the morning. The first concern was providing any support required to Kingfield Owner Association (the building management company) and the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents and their families.”

Dubai Civil Defence is still investigating the cause of the fire, as Kingfield Owner Association management Services is providing provision for those affected.

The company has arranged for a temporary shelter and provisions to be made available on the 97th floor of Princess Tower, which also houses a temporary support centre.

“The main focus at this time is to ensure that all residents are safe and looked after while we also assist in arrangements for alternative accommodation for those whose apartments have been affected.”