Torch Tower apartment damage less than first thought

Fire damage to apartments in Dubai’s Torch Tower is “far less than initially expected” according to the building’s management.

More than 100 flats at the 86-storey tower were damaged after flames tore through the skyscraper on Saturday. Gaping holes in the side of the skyscraper where balconies and walls were destroyed show the extent of the destruction.

But Kingfield Owners Association, which manages the residential high-rise, said in a statement: “The structure of the building has not been affected as most of the damage was sustained and contained in the balcony areas. It appears that most of the damage was limited to the exterior cladding.”

Kingfield said meetings are ongoing with Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Civil Defence, the RTA and Dubai Tram to discuss the removal of loose debris on the building facade that was caused by the fire.

“The rope access team will be on site to start removing the remaining debris from the building facade,” the statement said. “This process will start as soon as all required permissions have been obtained from the relevant local authorities.”

Technicians are working to get all elevators working again. “There are currently two low-zone and two high-zone lifts working,” the statement said.