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Tiles by Mosa: how to choose facade tiles for architectual projects

designMENA promotion for MosaAs the visible connection to the outside world, a facade primarily plays a central role in building’s design: it is a building’s ‘face’ that often defines its character. Architectural ideas, client wishes, and urban planning requirements determine the design objective and choice of materials. And, as a skin, the facade interacts with the building’s interior and the outside space: it is exposed to influences from both sides, shielding and forming a connection at the same time.

This means facades are also decisive when it comes to a building’s structural properties, such as energy-efficiency and interior comfort. It protects against the rain, sun, wind, and noise, for example. During the development of the technical construction, the structural wall and enveloping facade have different functions. Considered as a whole, a flexible and timeless design together with a sustainable construction form an evaluative quality feature for buildings.

Mosa’s ventilated facade cladding provides this quality feature as it offers the possibility to combine a high level of design freedom with the latest architectural techniques, without giving in on thermal insulation, structural properties, and protection from weather conditions.

What is a ventilated facade system?

A ventilated facade is an outer wall construction consisting of several layers. Ventilated facade systems ensure good physical properties and a comfortable indoor climate thanks to the balance between insulation and ventilation. The tiles are mechanically anchored onto the support system. The anchoring used in a mechanical system can be invisible or visible.

Some of the technical advantages of ventilated facades include weather-resistance, natural ventilation, insulation, control of energy costs and climate as well as being easily interchangeable and allowing for complete dismantling.

What is ceramic facade cladding?

Ceramic facade cladding is an optimal building envelope for a wide range of building projects. Together with the ventilated facade systems supported by Mosa, ceramic tiles are an ideal solution for both new-build and renovation projects. Together with selected system suppliers, Mosa Facade systems are officially certified according to European and British Standards.

Mosa tiles are made from fine ceramic in its purest form and the highest level of quality. Natural raw materials are processed into high-quality products with a pronounced natural matte finish in a modern production process using Mosa’s patented Ultragres procedure.

Advantages of using ceramic facade cladding include weather-resistance, UV-resistance, colour fast, non-combustible, impact-resistance, low-maintenance and graffiti-proof and mad from natural raw materials, sustainably produced and recyclable.

About Mosa

Mosa is a Dutch tile manufacturer with over 130 years of experience, offering tile concepts for walls, floors, facades and terraces.