Three dimensional tiles bring world views to home

New techniques which can bring grass to a concrete and stone patio or a view of the Burj Khalifa from the heart of London were unveiled at this year’s Big 5 event.

Ukraine-based company Shiffar is a master when it comes to producing tiles which have  a three dimensional image on them.

They made digitally using glass as an exterior to capture the image within.

Current clients include hotels, restaurants and malls but an increasing demand is coming from residential households.

Marketing manager Yamen Ziadet said: “Households really like whet we make because really they can give any image anywhere the person wants it.

“For instance if they have a concrete pool area they can put up a tile showing a beach scene. In many ways – because of the 3d effect it is like a window. If you live in the centre of a city it is nice to have a view of a country scene. You can choose to have a window out on anywhere in the world.

“The effect is really realistic – the 3d images are often a major talking part when it comes to the look and design Of a room or outside space.”

On show at the event at Dubai’s World Trade Centre were examples of works which included a view of the Burj Khalifa from across the desert, scenes of cityscapes and landscapes from the tropics to views out across the ocean.

Fruits and flowers were also shown as well as animals.

From its base in Ukraine Shiffar is focussing attention on expanding into Europe – but the company has now set up a showroom in Amman, Jordan and one is planned for Dubai.

Ziadet said: “We are looking to expand our operations across the GCC and events such as the Big 5 are the best way to raise our profile and make people aware of us and what we do.”