The story of the arch in architecture on display in Sharjah

The evolution of one of the trademarks of Islamic architecture – the arch – is on show in Sharjah at a temporary pavilion.

‘Spiral Arches’ is situated at the al Majaz waterfront. It was conceived by Daydreamers Design and seeks to create a journey drawn from the historical role of the arch— tracing its evolution from antiquity to modernity.

The pavilion is made up of 100 layers of arches that form an 88 meter-long arcade. An abstract form of fountain artwork is placed at the centre of the installation, symbolising the origin of the journey and the architectural layout of the design.

The arch in architecture was a feature of early civilisations and includes a range of variations — such as the horseshoe, multi-foil, pointed and ogee arches. The studio spotlights this structural and decorative feature by combining the pavilion arcade with the modern parabolic arch.