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Architects need to constantly use their creativity and imagination to give birth to some of the most outstanding buildings or constructions ever seen. Depending on their clients or the nature of their projects, they will often times use every ounce of their intellectual resources and skills to create unique buildings for the whole world to admire. Below you will find a series of details on the most intriguing such constrictions on the planet.


The Forest Spiral Building In Darmstadt

Germany is home for many weird things, but the Forest Spiral building is definitely one huge point of attraction for many Germans and tourists. Designed by architect Heinz Springmann, the building is a residential complex that features a one of a kind façade that does not follow the normal grid patterns, the windows of the building have been build in such a way that they look like they would be involved in some sort of dance. Even though the original idea for the building belongs to a Viennese artist named Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the plan was finally put into practice by Springmann. The 12-floor building encompasses more than 100 apartments and it also has an artificial lake, an inner courtyard, a small artificial lake and a children’s playground.


The Ferdinand Cheval Palace In France

Also known as the Idea Palace, the Ferdinand Cheval Palace had its foundation started in 1879 when Cheval allegedly tripped on a stone and found the inspiration for building the construction, having found inspiration in the shape of the rock. He then collected the rocks that e found in the same spot. For more than 30 years, he then carried the stones and made full use of them when getting home, where he worked on his Ideal Palace. He would use his pockets to carry the stones, soon followed by basket and then wheelbarrow carrying.  


The Torre Galatea Figueras Building In Spain

A first glance at the Torre Galatea Figueras building in Spain will reveal the enormous egg sculptures that have been set along the line of the building’s roof. The tower of the museum has the name of the wife of Salvador Dali. The surrealist artists lived inside the building until he passed away in 1989. The museum is located near the same exact church where Dali was baptized.


The Basket Building In The U.S.

The Basket Building in Ohio, the United States has the design of a huge picnic basket one might keep in a park. It is 7 stories high and it is the home office for Longaberger. The impressive building is the largest basket on the planet, measuring 192 feet long and 126 feet wide.

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