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Besides the need to select the best pieces of furniture and perfectly matching decorative items, successful interior design practices also need to include excellent lighting. Choose the right lights for your living room or bedroom and you will gain an extra feeling of well-being, safety, and comfort. Each room of your house needs to feature certain lighting dependable on the size of the room itself. So make sure you keep the room size factor in your mind next time you buy new lighting.     


Selecting The Best Lighting For Your Bedroom

It is recommended that you use several lighting sources inside your bedroom. This way you will get to enjoy the right amount of light at the sides of your bed, in front of your mirror, dressing table, and the rest of the furniture you might have inside the room. Install dimmer switch lamps at the sides of your bed so you can easily manipulate the amount of light you need when reading or just watching TV. Your mirror and wardrobe areas will need to be well lighted so choose powerful lamps or wall lights. Focus on covering your windows with heavy curtains so you can enjoy the absence of the light as well at night and do not ignore LED light and LED bulbs, table and floor lamps, spectacular ceiling spotlights or pendants, or wardrobe integrated lighting option.


Illuminating Your Living Room

Your living room is the room you spend most time in during the day, so you should focus on enjoying as much natural light as possible. Whether you are using this room to receive guests, watch TV, play video games, read, or you use it as a mini home office, you will need to enjoy some quality lighting. You can select a chandelier in case your furniture allows you to successfully blend such a lighting option in. you can choose any shape, size, and color and gain an extra touch of well inspired interior decoration. Make sure the chandelier will be able to effectively provide light to all the corners of the living room so nothing gets left out. No one appreciates dark corners; pick lumen-rich central lights so you can get a nice glow and use decorative lighting alternatives for the room’s corners so you can enjoy a soft, pleasant light. If you want to push your eco-friendly behavior one step further, we recommend you buy energy saving light bulbs; pick halogen light bulbs in cause your health does not allow you to use CFL lights – if you are suffering from headaches and migraines.     

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