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Tehran’s Razan Architects redesign old residential building keeping the original facade intact

Golestan Residential Building is located on a quiet cul-de-sac in Tehran, designed by Razan Architects. Using the green spaces around the site as a source of inspiration, the architects used it as a source of inspiration to improve the quality of indoor spaces and connect them with the outdoor surroundings. In this regard, the terraces play a pivotal role in establishing this connection.

Creating double height terraces that do not overlook into each other is a challenge that transformed the facade into stepped terraces. The shadings, filled and empty spaces and extending the facade material into the interior spaces have improved the quality of living space.

With the construction of new buildings in the street and the destruction of old buildings, the residents of the neighbourhood rued the disappearance of familiar landmarks. In order to respect the visual memory of the people, the architects decided to preserve the walls of the old property and, for the openings, they used glass to provide unobstructed views of the surroundings.

Here, by scattering and increasing the number of voids at the project, lighting is provided for three units directly, while the fourth unit features three separate voids on three different sides. The lobby of the elevators and the middle sections of the larger units also benefit from natural light.

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