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Tamayouz launches award for women in architecture and construction across NENA region

The international architecture initiative, Tamayouz Excellence Award, which serves to promote architecture for and from Iraq and the greater Middle East, has just launched its Women in Architecture and Construction Award.

Part of a larger programme for 2018, the award, which was once only open for Iraqi female architects, is now open for women of all backgrounds who are contributing to the built environment of the Near East and North Africa (NENA).

The Women in Architecture and Construction Award was originally launched in 2013 and ran till 2015. It was then put on hold until this year. Split between two categories, it recognises an individual’s achievements and contributions to the field, as well as ‘rising stars’ who show great promise.

“We put the award on hold for two years to prepare for its transition to be open to all women from or working in the Near East and North Africa,” said Ahmed Al-Mallak, founder of Tamayouz. “Before the award was open only to women of Iraqi heritage and we felt that it achieved its goals in offering a platform and support to Iraqi women architects and construction professionals.”

He added, “So moving forward, we hope that this award will have the same impact that it had in Iraq elsewhere, where women started to have hope for the industry. In Iraq, the conditions are not particularly favourable for female architects like in most of the Middle East and beyond, so when you start recognising women for their efforts in the industry, it makes a positive difference. We had a lot of feedback that communicated this, and we hope that in broadening the candidature, we can make the same difference in other areas in the region that are comparable to Iraq.”

Submissions for the award are open until September 2018, and the winner will be announced in November 2018 at a ceremony in Amman.