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Tamayouz and Dewan launch joint award for architects

The international architecture initiative Tamayouz Excellence Award has partnered with leading regional firm Dewan Architects + Engineers to launch a new award for architects — the seventh to join Tamayouz’s broadening awards programme.

Sponsored by the architecture firm, which has been involved with Tamayouz since its establishment in 2012, the Dewan Award for Architecture aims to support and encourage young architects around the world while creating challenges to address local urban issues in Iraq.

The inaugural theme for this year is ‘School in the Marshes’, and asks participants to design a six-class primary school and kindergarten in the marshlands of southern Iraq. Participants must take into account the limitations of the area and the ecological impact of construction on the nature and fauna of the marshes.

“We felt that partnering with one of the most established architecture firms in the Middle East would enrich the architectural community in the region through a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme,” said Tamayouz founder Ahmed Al-Mallak, “which empowers younger generations while also responding to local challenges — something that Tamayouz excels at.”

The winning prize is six-month employment at Dewan’s Dubai office, with the potential to extend to 12 months. Offered a competitive salary, the winner will benefit from Dewan’s guidance and gain real-life project experience. 

According to Al-Mallak, Dewan conducted the necessary research for the subject of this year’s award. Due to the firm’s vast experience working in Iraq, it understands local needs.

Mr Mohamed Al Assam (founder and managing partner at Dewan) felt that with Dewan’s recent award-winning education projects in the UAE, its growing speciality in the sector would benefit Iraq’s local communities,” Al-Mallak added.

The Dewan Award for Architecture is now open to practicing architects, students, engineers, planners and designers.