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Tago Architects designs Maldivian sports complex

Located on the man-made Maldivian island of Hulhumale, Tago Architect’s latest project, the National Sports Complex Maldives, will provide support to the growing economic and cultural development of the island.

Constructed due to land limitation in the Maldives, the island was reclaimed to meet the existing and future housing demands of the archipelago. The new sports complex will include athletic facilities, residences, a hotel, convention centre and retail outlets.

The National Sports Centre is located on two separate, but neighbouring parcels. The main sports hall, training fields and public leisure activity zones are located on the larger parcel, while the smaller one supports the hotel and residential buildings, retail spaces and convention hall.

The sports hall is perhaps the most notable structure in the athletics zone. Its foyer and gym are separated by a space that leads to the training fields – a layout that allows for access to the fields, quick evacuation following events, as well as VIP entry from the hall’s interior.

To the right of the sports hall is a billiards club, bowling centre and café, which encourages social engagement among the islanders.

On the smaller parcel, the hospitality structures provide contemporary visual respite. Low-rise buildings consisting of floor-to-ceiling window walls invite passers-by in. Separating the outlets from one another and improving the pedestrian experience are shallow pools, dotted with slender palm trees.

The residential building – the façade of which evokes complete stillness – has a minimalist appearance, complemented by its bare white surface and transparent glass balconies.