Tabanlioglu celebrates opening of Turkish airport

Turkish architecture firm Tabanlioglu has launched its design for Bodrum International Airport, which was completed in 15 months and opened in June.

The 455,000m² building consists of two main structures, an ‘air side’ of transparent glass and steel linear scaffold which connects to the planes and a ‘land side’ terminal building.

The design of Bodrum Airport rejects monotony, with a composition of secondary elements and finishes that create a relaxed atmosphere and a holiday-like experience.

High ceilings, optimum daylighting through the sides and roof, and a minimal use of columns help to relieve passenger tension, especially at security search and passport check points.

Primary elements are organised to provide easy circulation for passengers within the terminal.

Four terraces act as open air spaces even after a controlled entrance to the building.

Accessing the terminal by glass bridges, passengers pass over a green landscape arranged with banana and olive trees, daphnia and paper flower, all suited to Bodrum’s climate.

Opaque, screen printed or sheer glass and local natural stone are employed on different sections of the façades, while local black marble is used on the floors.