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Tabanlioglu Architects reveals future projects for Turkey

During Cityscape Global, Istanbul-based architecture firm Tabanlioglu showcased some of its future plans for developments in Turkey, as well as its nearly completed Crystal Towers in Dubai. 

Crystal Towers in JBR, Dubai

Crystal Towers is a high-end mixed-use development project in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). It includes a podium of three floors, high-end retail outlets and two towers. Tower 1 consists of 38 floors while Tower 2 consists of 33 as well as housing the Rixos Premium Dubai Hotel, which opened in July 2017. Read more about the design of Crystal Towers here. 

Crystal Towers interiors

Tabalioglu’s three upcoming projects in Turkey includes Tobb Zeytinburnu (Yedi Mavi), Bodrum Loft and the Atakoy Marina.

Tobb Zeytinburnu (Yedi Mavi) is located by the shoreline on the west-end of Bosporus in Istanbul. The project is planned around three main public piazzas.  The floors are placed on top of each other in smoothly changing angles that are facing slightly different perspectives so that each housing unit stays away from the other’s gaze, while achieving uninterrupted views.

Tobb Zeytinburnu (Yedi Mavi)

All towers possess various panoramas of Istanbul due to their orientation at various angles; the views are either of the historical peninsula, or Atakoy Marina and Yeşilyurt. Simultaneously optimum daylight is benefited at interior spaces.

Although members of the same family, the design of each tower is noticeably distinctive due to recesses and protrusions around the core, extra volumes and spaces gained between layers which result in a dynamic movement on the surface of the curved structure that also benefits wind protection and lower energy consumption required for heating. Placement of the masses generates an urban rhythm so that the silhouette becomes an idiosyncratic representative of the cityscape, the architects explained.

Bodrum Loft

Bodrum Loft is located in Torba, a village on the Aegean cost.  On the sloping topography towards the sea, with more than 50% inclination angle, the housing project features 38 long-term residence units, mostly duplex villas.

All units are flexible and dividable, with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. The villas are designed around courtyards with outdoor living as its  focal centre.

Preserving the guidelines of the land and benefiting its existing natural assets, the design aims to create progressive adoptable spaces. The housing complex is made up of an assortment of masses connected to each other, where the patios link all units. The topography is benefited wherever possible for the units to be efficiently embedded in the terrain.

The Atakoy Marina, a residential-led waterfront development and urban design project, is situated on a high profile site, with commanding views of the city. With 124,98 m2 of land on the coast-line of Atakoy– Bakirköy district, the development is planned to provide high-end real estate opportunities.

Atakoy Marina

Providing different urban and socio-economical possibilities in a sustainable environment, the architectural discourse of the project incorporates environmentally-friendly design and construction techniques. Sensitive to the characteristics of the coastal area, the projects acts as a gateway to the sea.

Recent projects by Tabanlioglu includes the renovation of Istanbul’s oldest library, where the architects replaced its concrete roof with transparent structure; as well as women’s centre in rural Turkey.

designMENA had interviewed Murat Tabanlioglu, co-founder of  Tabanlioglu Architects, who was the curator of Turkey’s first-ever pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale. Tabanlioglu stated of the biennale. curated by OMA’s Rem Koolhaas, that it didn’t just “touch the architects, but everyone”. Read the full interview here.