T.ZED Architects and AHEC unveil installation at Downtown Design

Dubai-based designer Tarik Al Zaharna, founder and director of T.ZED Architects, and American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) collaborated on an installation for Downtown Design 2016 by re-purposing thermally-modified American ash that was previously used to clad AHEC’s stands at exhibitions in Turkey in 2014 and 2015.

According to Zaharna, the main challenge was to utilise a specific quantity of thermally modified timber (TMT) in order to produce an installation that is long-lasting.

“The basic concept is to create a cocoon that is gently placed in a dynamic environment. The overall structure allows individuals to physically and metaphorically disconnect themselves from the surrounding urban setting and invite them into a quiet space where moments of reflection simply emerge,” said Zaharna.

“Our collaboration with AHEC has provided us with a unique opportunity to test the durability and performance of TMT in a climate and context that are very different from where it is most commonly used, and naturally sourced.”

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Rod Wiles, AHEC director for Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Oceania, said that AHEC’s presence at Dubai Design Week marks its strong commitment towards the promotion and marketing of American hardwoods as a truly sustainable material in the region.

“The collaboration with T.ZED Architects, Downtown Design and DRAK will help throw the spotlight on thermally-modified American hardwoods, which are relatively unknown amongst the specifier community in the region. In addition, our support for the Commercial Interior Design Awards, will help strengthen our ties with the top designers and architects, celebrate American hardwoods and recognize some of the very best talent across the region,” concluded Wiles.

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