Sustainable water city proposed for Thailand

A practice in Thailand has proposed a habitable ‘water’ city to help a flood-stricken city in the South East Asian country.

The Superbow Project for Nakornsawan, designed by Supermachine Studio, proposes a city built on the sides of a 150m-high reservoir capable of managing 1,500 million m3 of water.

The city will house 28.3 million m2 of mixed-use programmes – including housing, schools, cinemas, markets and government facilities – and will be able to accommodate half a million people.

A massive hydraulic water network will suck in water from the surrounding rivers during monsoon season with three giant pumps handling 180 million m3/day.

The outer surface of the reservoir will be 40% covered with a diverse forest, and wind turbines will be used to generate power.

Nakornsawan is usually flooded every year, but in 2011 the water broke the protecting levee causing extreme flooding.