Sustainable tower offers green space on every floor

The Majunga Tower- situated the business district of Paris called La Defense – is a design by Jean-Paul Vignier which offers accesible outdoor areas on every floor.

Vignier said his plan was to “completely reinvent” the office block by moving away from a monolithic shape. He has created a structure with as flowing façade which consists of three slightly differently shaped veryical strips placed side-by-side.

The 195m tower is the first in continental Europe to obtain a BREEAM sustainability certificate at the “Excellent” level in its design stage.

It’s energy efficiency is rated at five times better than an equivalent office building and  its glass landings, high ceilings and bioclimatic facades are adapted to the tower’s orientation, enabling the maximum amount of natural light to penetrate.

The office block has 45 floors with a total area of 63,200m2 which includes 2000m2 of green space.